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Mac-Homes Real Estate boasts of an extraordinary sales team that is well equipped with sales and marketing qualifications and is very knowledgeable in property sales.   We offer advisory services to- (i) sellers on open market values of their properties to ensure that they get the best prices for their properties on excellent terms of payment taking into cognisance the market forces of demand and supply at any given time. We sell residential, commercial and industrial built up properties and stands, (ii) and advise buyers and sellers on the procedural and substantive matters involved in property sales.

 Sales Executed

Sales executed to date include high-value Commercial properties sold to:Macro-economic Institute of Eastern & Southern Africa (MEFMI), Anti Corruption Commission, PTA Bank, Government of The Republic Of Zimbabwe

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Mac-Homes Real Estate offers valuations for all types of properties be it residential, commercial, industrial, mining, agricultural as well as movables. We do valuations for   the following purposes: Selling /Disposal, Buying / Purchasing, Deceased Estates, Mortgage, Accounting, Leasing, Insurance /Replacement cost, Statutory purposes /Rating/ Compensation

Since its inception Mac-Homes Real Estate has carried out several valuations for the above purposes for clients which include: The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, ZIMRA, PTA Bank, Rusape Town Council, Urban Development Corporation, Marondera Town Council, Chegutu Town Council, Various Law firms including Mtombeni, Mukwesha & Muzawazi Legal Practitionersm Various corporates and individuals

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